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Wednesday, June 26, 2002 :::
jus bored..
so blogging loh..
wondering if u still check blog..
so write here if u c loh..

::: posted by co at 6/26/2002 05:07:00 PM

Wednesday, June 19, 2002 :::
going to states tomolo..
write email to reach me..
ill try to reply asap..

::: posted by co at 6/19/2002 08:05:00 AM

Friday, June 14, 2002 :::
caught a cold from shoji? heeheee i wonder how?? j/kj/k.... wellz nothing much to say lah... just woke up... 1230 leh... been a while since ive been able to do dat.. plus so little sleep this week so yeah... jing shen beh hao.... many email to reply... that'll take up some time today..wat else... o... gotta show me pix aiite?? da ones alala forwarded to you and da one u took at NYNY hao mah? prolly gona stay home today pack, and clean my room.. and then walk out to da park... there's this big park with a lake near my house wif lotsa duckies too... so yeah... wana spend a lil time alone today.. been a while since i was able to keep to myself... i mean.... some people are always checking on me and all that.. ryan is cute but my cousin says he looks lyk a player... wellz dno him well enough so duno if i'll lyk him... god dang it.. another confusions?! ... hahah at least im fer sure i dun lyk daniel.. but seems lyk he's gotten some wrong idea... wellz nothing more to say.. cant wait to see ya i guess... take carez n hab fun..

::: posted by jess at 6/14/2002 12:42:00 PM

tired as hell..
i think i caught a cold..
watched the soccer game wiz shoji..
then went out wiz al, ju, and d..
dint do much..
took sum sticker pix at new york new york..
then D has to go to dinner wiz rentz..
so al, ju, and i went to fri to chat and watch soccer..
feel tired as hell rite now..
i think i caught the cold from shoji..
D was in a bad mood today..
beh depress..
n sick..
kinda worried bout her i guess..
confused as hell bout D n stuff..
not lyk the old thing lah..
jus dnno how to treat her n shit..
prolly wont c her until ric come baq or sumthing..
dnno lah..
hao chi guai..
mayb im jus plain tired..
still thinking whether i lyk shoji..
not bothering me 2 much..
prolly lyk shoji bah..
but dnno to wat degree..
worried bout D lah..
gonna go sleep..
kinda depress i guess..
cant b in a gud mood when i c "friend" depressed i guess..

::: posted by co at 6/14/2002 11:46:00 AM

Thursday, June 13, 2002 :::
u kinda left sum offlines..
so i guess i left my icq on when i went out..
dint do much today..
went out for lunch wiz my mom..
then spend sum tym chilling wiz al..
datz bout it..
talk wiz shoji over fone fer a while..
n heard from al dat judy wanna go out tomolo..
cuz she leaving on sat...
called up D after to ask her wat we r doing tomolo..
she say she prolly wont come out cuz she is sick..
then later she pops on icq..
i said..
ni bu shi sen bing leh mah?
after bout 10 min she answered..
cant figure wat datz about..
prolly go out wiz al n judy tomolo then..
if not call up shoji n c wat she is doing..
4got wat i was talking to shoji bout..
but she said sumthing lyk i should get a gf..
4got how it was worded tho..
sleepy but cant really fall asleep..
mayb call u later if i cant sleep..

::: posted by co at 6/13/2002 10:03:00 AM

Wednesday, June 12, 2002 :::
hmm so where were you at 8-9? heheee lemme guess... out eating breakfast?! but.... with shoji or D neh?? sorry to hang up on ya... i was in class and middle of presentation so couldnt talk to you... if you want to... you could call me at 1030am my time tm.... which is ur friday 130am loh.... me finish exams then.. so if u not asleep we can talk... tried calling u today again.. ur morning around 8 bah.. no one picked up.. u out fer breakfast again???? got precalc and eng finals over and done with.. tm is bio final.. and i dun needa go to US hist final.. got da essay Q today so just type up and hand it in loh.... well guess what -I- did after finals today?? heehee daniel called me up and we just sat outside da library chatting.. yesterday.. Danny was hella mad at me.. he said how could i kiss daniel when imma not even together wif him.... wellz but what da heck... we kinda made up now... lots to update fer ya i guess.. so ttyl.. u take carez aiite??

::: posted by jess at 6/12/2002 05:56:00 PM

guess where i was at 8-9 loh..
its aiite lah..
nuthing 2 important..
at least not terribly depress n want to talk..
more lyk..
a lil confused..
call me when u finish exam loh..
jia yo..
n best of luck to u..

::: posted by co at 6/12/2002 07:10:00 AM

Tuesday, June 11, 2002 :::
just tried calling ur home phone around 8-9 ur time.. no one picked up...ummm got finals tm.. english one.. so busy busy tonite... i'll try to call u again aiite? take carez...

::: posted by jess at 6/11/2002 08:15:00 PM

can u call me..
kinda wanna talk..
nothing important lah..
suo yi bu shi need..
but kinda wanted to talk...
n if u call..
do it bfore my noon hao mah..
so its +3 to ur tym lah..
its ok if u wake me up..
no tym to blog..

::: posted by co at 6/11/2002 02:39:00 AM

Monday, June 10, 2002 :::
nah.. wasnt me who called.. heeeheeee so u went to movie wif shoji and jasmine?? ummmmm hao bah.. haha....no wonder itd be a lil awkward talking to D huh... then again... wellz danny seem to be cheng deh pissed at me... im so serious.. lyk today after first block i went up to him and he tolly ignored me so i was lyk wtf... sueh bian.. not lyk he's soo special or whatever...i started out my day purty nicely tho... sw luke first thing in da morning.. dun ask why .. but he sure brightened up my day wif that cute smile haha.. dint see dainel but he called me up... i missed it... he was gona ask if i wanted to skip 4th block wif him.. i called him baq and nothing much lah... exam in two days... fuck.... sooo not prepared.. hella behind.... see what i can do bout da grades........... well i hab a phone card rite now... if u wana talk.. leave blog and i'll call u .. or else u can always talk to shoji bout D if u depressed haha.. what else... see u in a lil mor than a month then loh?! take carez... =) happy summer~

::: posted by jess at 6/10/2002 03:53:00 PM

was it u who called today?
if it was sorrie i dint pick up..
i was in the movie..
so 1st time pressed hang up..
cuz i thot it was D..
n jus dun wanna explain the whole thing bout being at warners..
i guess kinda afraid to talk to her..
well not afraid as in afraid..
but as in dnno where the conversation mite carry to..
dnno how to explain lah..
the second tym..
was gonna pick up cuz my mind was a lil clearer then..
in middle of movie..
n when i bout to pick up..
hung up..
called up D later..
she said its not her..
was gonna chat wiz her a lil..
but she bz..
said gonna call me baq but dint happen..
i know wat u prolly think from this..
entertain urself loh..

::: posted by co at 6/10/2002 10:01:00 AM

Sunday, June 09, 2002 :::
today going out wiz shoji n jasmine..
feel kinda bad leaving alala to b a loner..
so asked him if he wanna come..
he said no..
so o well..
i said sumthing last nite to jasmine..
hope it wont end up the wrong way if it gets to the ear of shoji..
here is the story..
jasmine is in a fite wiz kate..
n wanna beat her up..
n she was asking if i would help kate..
i said if it duznt effect me i dun really care wat she duz..
but then i added..
but if shoji gonna b there fer kate..
cuz shoji is friends wiz kate..
ill b there to help shoji out..
i mean..
if its ne of my friend dat need help ill prolly b there..
i guess im jus a lil tired of D..
i mean the way she treat ppl..
but prolly c her sumtym this week cuz judy is leaving by fri..
datz it fer now..
money disappearing lyk crzy..
gona b broke by end of summer..
and gosh..
having trouble balancing my lyf between all the ppl..
think of after my US trip..
even more ppl to c..
JC gona b baq..
c u soon loh..
take carez..
outta fone card..
so prolly not gonna call in a few dayz..

::: posted by co at 6/09/2002 09:25:00 PM

hahah btw... yea shoji told me before bout petershen asking her out or s'thing lyk that.. hahah so shoji has da wierdest admirer... does that include you?? hehee j/kj/k... so who'd u go out wif today? D or shoji/ heehee... the question from now is not did you see D but did you see shoji too? heehee jkj/k... okaaayyy dno what i'm getting at... still stressed but dayymmmn last nite was fun~ =)

::: posted by jess at 6/09/2002 08:05:00 PM

i remember something i forgot to tell you... last nigth i dint bring money cuz thot we were just gona go drive around and all... so i kinda owe them for the drink ritez.. and i said so how much i owed them... and u know what luke said that kinda took me by surprise cuz he normally is lyk not serious and lykes to just joke around.. he said... *you don't owe us anything jess, we're just glad that ure willing to come out today and kick wif us..* isnt that sweet? hahah.... anyway... sighz* not fun being involved in one of those triangular love thingee hahah one of ni deh annual summer drama.. not fun not fun...... wellz heeheee..... anyway... enjoy summer~

::: posted by jess at 6/09/2002 11:43:00 AM

i remember wat i was gonna say..
shoji asked when ur coming baq..

::: posted by co at 6/09/2002 11:17:00 AM

jus hung up..
4got to tell u sumthing..
did u know peter shen lyked shoji?
only found out today..
shoji has the weirdest admirers..
wat else..
shoji de dinner was quiet gud actually..
nuthing fancy..
but eatable..
wonder how it would compare to D cook de food..
there was sumthing else i wanna say..
but 4got already..
datz it fer now..
take carez..

::: posted by co at 6/09/2002 10:53:00 AM

u jus called..
shoji wanna check her email..
n internet kinda messed up at her place s we r at aztec..
nuthing much..
she was bored..
called me..
she ask me if i wanna go over to watch soccer tonite.
going later..
she cooked dinnerz..
take carez..
call u tomolo..

::: posted by co at 6/09/2002 03:40:00 AM

u jus called..
shoji wanna check her email..
n internet kinda messed up at her place s we r at aztec..
nuthing much..
she was bored..
called me..
she ask me if i wanna go over to watch soccer tonite.
going later..
she cooked dinnerz..
take carez..
call u tomolo..

::: posted by co at 6/09/2002 03:40:00 AM

Saturday, June 08, 2002 :::
my *social* lyf ah... hahah nothing special... danny called me up last nite... and he was all lyk.. whyd u ignore me in school these two days.... and he was all playing around calling me his baby... dno what to make of that... and he kept asking me who id choose him or daniel if they're not friend.. cuz i said if i hab to choose between them id choose neither one since they're frriends.... so did u reply D's msg? why is she always lyk that... i mean hang up then apologize.. seriously that's hella messed up.. she can be a b**** fer real huh... and the thing is that u still lyk her.. that makes YOu even mor messed up than her.... anyway.. what da hell... fan cheng kinda made up wif danny loh... havent heard from daniel but we kinda said that after finals next thursday we're gona go drive around n all that.. so see what happens.. still ahb three essays to type up.... ttyl... take carez

::: posted by jess at 6/08/2002 12:19:00 PM

wellz talked to u today..
not much to say rite now..
D send cell message to appologize fer dint calling me baq yesterday..
dnno wat to make of it..
not much happened..
i guess jus enjoying the "weekend"..
less going out..
more staying at home..
take carez..
howz ur "social" lyf?
ima go sleep..

::: posted by co at 6/08/2002 09:15:00 AM

Friday, June 07, 2002 :::
hello.. yea i called u before school today but u out wif ur cousin i guess.. umm haha forgot ur cell # so couldnt call u.. then when you called i was alreayd in class. yesterday i knew you called.. but the first time u calle di was taking a nap... and i saw ur number on da caller ID... but i had to do some hw and shower and all that .. and then u called agin while imma taking shower so couldnt pick up... sorry sorry... so tried to call u today.. anyway.. call me ur saturday mornig loh.. i'll make sure i pick up.. u sound hella messed up rite now?! so der hung up on u.. hmmmmm ... anywayz.. cool to hear shoji will be here when u at stanford.. make me feel less guilty... but then again haha... i feel good that i wouldnt be dian deng pao?! hahah j/kj/k.. c u soon!! happy summer~ talk to you laterez....

::: posted by jess at 6/07/2002 03:44:00 PM

hey did u call me?
call u tomolo..
confused as hell rite now..

::: posted by co at 6/07/2002 11:43:00 AM

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